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University Health Systems

ProtaPay Quick Patient Funding enhances univeristy health systems by reaching a larger populations of the community to receive care.

Health Systems serve patients and the community, positively shaping the future of healthcare. Hospital and Clinics serve patients that have many financial constraints and in many cases, perform medical services at a reduced cost. Medical billing deferment impacts health systems financial ratios and patients quality of care.

Improve Health Network Ratios

Balancing cost of care and patient financial responsibility inside a health system setting can be challenging, that's why ProtaPay's No Credit Financing is designed to finance a broader population of patients without sacrificing health system financial ratios.

Health network illistration

Speak With A Health Network Specialist On How You Can Balance Cost Of Care With No Credit Financing

ProtaPay sincerely apologizes for the delays in contacting us. Due to the on-going Coronavirus situation, we are currently unable to process applications at this time.
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