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Medical & Dental Service Organizations

ProtaPay's No Credit financing enhances medical and dental service organizations (SO's) strategies to treat a broader population of patients

No Credit Financing
For MSOs & DSOs

By offering ProtaPay’s No Credit financing payment options to qualified applicants, SO’s have a financing partner that aligns directly with their ``economies of scale`` strategies to efficiently treat more patients.


Built To Scale
For Growing Footprints

ProtaPay integrates its No Credit Financing platform to serve large medical and dental organisations. Enhanced features and coordinated support seamlessly align with growing locations inside the MSO/DSO footprint.



Make Our Applications Look Like Your Brand


Volume Discounts

Dedicated pricing for MSO/DSO financing


Dedicated Support

Enhanced support level


Same Day Financing

Advanced procedure financing delivery

Connect with a MSO/DSO Specialist to learn more about No Credit Financing to expand treatments.

ProtaPay sincerely apologizes for the delays in contacting us. Due to the on-going Coronavirus situation, we are currently unable to process applications at this time.
Borrower billing and payment questions? Please call (224) 300-9328.