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Deductible FastPay By ProtaPay

Paying high deductibles when medical events occurs can be challenging, let Deductible FastPay help your patients satisfy insurance costs quickly

Deductibles are increasing across insurance carriers and patients who elect to enroll in these high deductible plans have concerns about the financial responsibility when medical events occur. ProtaPay's Deductible FastPay assists healthcare providers to extend No Credit financing to patients so they can realize insurance benefits quicker and reduce initial out-of-pocket expenses.

Deductible FastPay For Upfront Payments

Out-of pocket healthcare costs factor into life events such as having a baby, managing type 2 diabetes or incurring a bone fracture. Deductibles are a major contributor to patient financial responsibility when these medical events occur. ProtaPay's Deductible FastPay is designed to help healthcare providers and patients manage the upfront financial impact of these insurance costs.

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