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No Credit Chiropractic Financing
With ProtaPay

ProtaPay™ offers No Credit financing to chiropractic providers and patients to help move more procedures forward, improving range of motion for spines and joints.

Grow your chiropractic practice by offering
No Credit financing to your patients

Chiropractic care focuses on comprehensive treatment that pinpoints a patient’s injury to elevate discomfort and ailments. ProtaPay’s No Credit financing helps individuals and family members get access to financing chiropractic treatment plans so more procedures can move forward, to restore normal physiological function.


More Chiropractic Patients

Vs. Credit Based Financing

Application to financed procedure within 10
minutes, all done right from home or chair -side


Patient fills out online application from home or right at the office

90 seconds and an application decision is given

Approved patient signs contract and procedure is financed

Example chiropractic treatments we finance –
big or small it's all done without patient credit checks

Session Plans

10, 20, 30 Session plan packages

Muscle Stimulation

Lower and mid back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Spinal alignment


Injuries from a car accident, Sports injuries, Arthritis and joint pain

Stress Management

Headaches and migraines, relaxation techniques

Ready to offer ProtaPay No Credit
Financing and help your patients move forward with their procedures?

Have question about ProtaPay or a provider looking for support?
Call (866) 506-6333 or click here to log in to the provider portal.

Happy Providers Who Offer ProtaPay

No Credit Check Testimonials

Dr. Javier Andrade DDS

`` I would recommend every practice to have this payment option for their patients. If not, they are losing out on thousands of dollars walking out of their practice door.``

C & G Cosmetic Surgery

`` We signed up a month ago and had over $35,000 in approved patient procedures. It's been such an asset to our business offering no credit financing. Patient cases are up! ``

Suncoast Veterinary ER

`` We love it for our ER. Many times our patients don't have a fast option to pay for emergency procedures. It truly makes a difference. ``

ProtaPay sincerely apologizes for the delays in contacting us. Due to the on-going Coronavirus situation, we are currently unable to process applications at this time.
Borrower billing and payment questions? Please call (224) 300-9328.