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Founded By A Doctor | Backed By Private Equity

Credit history should not stop healthcare procedures from being financed

ProtaPay No Credit Difference

ProtaPay built a state-of-the-art underwriting platform using machine learning algorithms to determine each borrowers financial ability to complete repayment obligations. We verify each applicant’s identity, income, and transactional information using a combination of automatic and manual underwriting techniques.


Single Source Lender

ProtaPay is a single source lending platform backed by private investors. ProtaPay does not originate loans and feed them to multiple lending institutions for servicing. Utilizing a single lender, we provide management and money delivery efficiency for both the patient and provider.

Why Providers & Patients Use ProtaPay

ProtaPay extends its financing to give patients access to needed or elective care and increase the likelihood procedures are scheduled.


ProtaPay sincerely apologizes for the delays in contacting us. Due to the on-going Coronavirus situation, we are currently unable to process applications at this time.
Borrower billing and payment questions? Please call (224) 300-9328.